Stična app

Stična mladih is the biggest Slovenian youth festival with a 40 years tradition and recognition. Every September, it attracts more than 4000 young people who want to deepen their faith and become better humans. Festival lasts one day and includes concert, workshops, chill out zones, sport activities and mass.

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Stična mladih


Kaja Bukovec & Marko Javeršek (UI/UX)

Primož Padar (developer)




design team lead | core organizational team member | app UI/UX | festival visual identity | web design | merchandise | promotional material


Challenge & solution

In 2021, the festival Stična mladih celebrated 40 years of existence so the media presence and visitors expectations were high.

The Stična app, which we designed, helped participants to follow the event timeline, it guided them through the place and offered song lyrics for the evening concert. According to the survey we conducted after the festival, participants found the app very useful, visually appealing and well structured, but they were a bit confused with the map of the workshops. It was because this year the space of the event was restructured and they expected the map to be more simple. After receiving feedback from the participants, we know where we can make improvements for the next year’s festival.


What I learned

collaborating with full stack developer | working under pressure | risk management (Covid-19) | project management | team leading