creative direction & team lead

Festival Stična mladih 2021

Stična mladih is the biggest Slovenian youth festival with a 40 years tradition and recognition. Every September, it attracts more than 4000 young people who want to deepen their faith and become better humans. Festival lasts one day and includes concert, workshops, chill out zones, sport activities and mass.

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Stična mladih


Kaja Bukovec & Marko Javeršek




design team lead | core organizational team member | festival identity design | web design | app UI/UX | merchandise | promotional material


Challenge & solution

In 2021, the festival Stična mladih celebrated 40 years of existence so the media presence and visitors expectations were high.

After adapting the logotype to the anniversary, the core team brainstormed about the festival theme and we ended up with a quote from Psalm 40 – “Make my footsteps firm / Utrdi moje korake”. The decision was made while researching the needs and facts about Gen Z and their current issues they are facing because of Covid-19. The main problems are that young people are insecure, they are afraid of their future and their ‘’steps are unstable’’. With the festival content and visual identity we wanted to show them that their future is bright if they trust in God, who is there for them and will not let them down. We want to help our target group to

overcome their fears and insecurities in the given situation.


The online survey we conducted last year helped us to see where to pay attention in this year’s visual identity. Because it was a jubilee festival, we wanted to emphasize tradition and connect it with the 2021 visual aspects. We achieved this with a color palette that is retro and modern at the same time, with playful stickers that represent youth and concert vibe, with bold typography and photo selection.


As a design team lead I also coordinated all the work that was needed to be done, I gave lots of ideas for improvements, paid attention to the details and stuck to deadlines as much as possible. 


A part of my team’s job was also to brainstorm, select and design merchandise for the event. We decided to include around 10 products and we designed it according to the visual identity.


Website, app, IG filters & more

Our team was also responsible for other design areas, including website building, app UI/UX, social media posts and stories, wayfinding, web animations, stage screens animations, promotional materials, accreditations, billboards, posters, bus screen animations, Instagram AR filters and GIFs.

 We can just say that the festival was a big success and that the 2500 young participants really felt the vibe and were more than excited about next year’s festival. Me and 200 other volunteers were exhausted but proud of ourselves.


What I learned

event organization | project management | team leading | working under pressure | risk management (Covid-19) | collaborating with full stack developer