Festival Stična mladih 2020

Stična mladih is the biggest Slovenian youth festival with a 40 years tradition and recognition. Every September, it attracts more than 4000 young people who want to deepen their faith and become better humans. Festival lasts one day and includes concert, workshops, chill out zones, sport activities and mass.

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Stična mladih


Kaja Bukovec & Marko Javeršek




branding | graphic design | web design | merchandise | promotional material

Challenge & solution


Organizers’ expectation was to put the visuals of the festival on the next level, so the biggest challenge was to bring the design closer to youth and to follow the latest design trends.


After redefining our user group’ needs and analysing the previous festival identities, we planned the festival visual transformation, starting with logo redesign. The new logotype reflects festival tradition, purpose and is aligned with its strategy. The main elements are circle, square, lines and symmetry. It is ambiguous and can be interpreted as a spark, cross, junction, eucharist, route or you name it.


We managed to connect all those areas and present it with one single logotype that instantly gained recognition amongst festival participants and media.

Challenge & solution

Event identity & website

Based on user research we defined the theme of the festival, based on Lk 7 bible citation (“Vstani” or “Get up”), which encourages young people to get up and do something with their lives.


Event identity planning followed. To attract our target group, we added 3D elements, vibrant colors and bold typography. All merchandise and promo material was aligned with visual identity and is communicating that the festival is contemporary and made for youth.


While planning the website structure, content and visual design system, we focused on clarity, UX, motion graphics and followed design trends of 2020. In the last weeks before the festival, more than 23 000 unique users visited the website.


After the event we conducted an online survey and more than 80 % of participants were impressed by the website and 75 % festival participants liked visual identity. Those who were not very impressed, emphasized that the colors were too saturated for their taste and that they expected the identity to be more gentle and cute. But those who were super impressed by the renovated branding and web presence, commented that the festival finally gained design power, that they like color combinations and boldness, that the identity is very contemporary and that the merchandise is awesome.




What I learned

project management | responsibility | following visual coherence throughout the project