Parallel app
for World Surf League event

Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal is one of the stages of World Surf League (WSL), which is held every year in Peniche on the beach Supertubos.

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proposal for Câmara Municipal de Peniche (uni project)


Kaja Bukovec & Marko Javeršek




concepting | user research | personas | storyboards | navigation | prototyping | testing | UI/UX design


Challenge & solution

Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal is one of the stages of World Surf League (WSL), which is held every year in Peniche on the beach Supertubos. Because the ocean and waves are unpredictable there is a waiting period every year which lasts two weeks. Even though in the waiting period there is no surf competition, there are events and parties that people can attend, but the majority of the users stay in Peniche just on the days when the competition is on.

My team proposed a UI/UX app solution that is designed for competition visitors, who are looking for events, tourist attractions and surf rental before and during the event.


Personas & storyboards

We wanted to define our personas based on the real user’s needs, problems and expectations and not just predict who the user will be. That’s why we went to the place where we could find lots of our potential users – to the competition itself. We tried to talk with as many people as possible to get real feedback and ideas.

Based on our user research and interviews we created three personas which together represent the majority of our potential app users. 

We designed an app prototype and tested it to see how the people will navigate through the app and to see if we can change some navigation to make the app even better. We set ourselves measurable goals and tested the app with 5 people, who proposed some possible changes and improvements that we considered while designing the app.


Research & Navigation

Helping users to understand navigation was our biggest concern. Our app works in parallel with the WSL app, but is focused on side events, activities and sightseeing. Our users are in majority surfers or surf enthusiasts – they represent 80 % of people, the rest are random visitors and tourists. The waiting period of the competition lasts two weeks and during that time visitors travel across the country. When the surf conditions are good and the competition is on they come to Peniche to watch the event.


What I learned

During this proposal project I learned how to start a UI/UX project and the process behind. I learned to create personas and storyboards, design in Adobe XD and prototype in Invision.